Religious Places of the Muslims in Haryana

Posted Star Web Media Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sarvesh Kumar
Dargah Bu Ali Shah Kalander
It is located at Panipat. It is believed that the bricks or body of Bu Ali Shah Kalander were brought here from Buddha Khera. It is a sacred shrine of the Chishti Sect. It is believed that when Bu Ali Shah Kalander had died, his body was buried at Buddha Khera. Later, the residents of Panipat had taken either the body or the bricks of this shrine to Panipat. Historians have not been able to confirm the real facts regarding this transfer.

Mazaar of Sheikh Anam Allah
It is located at Panipat. Mazaar of Altaf Hussain Hali .
Hali was a sensitive Urdu poet. His mazaar is located at Panipat.

Mazaar of Ghaus Ali Shah
It is also located at Panipat. It is frequently visited by the devouts.

Dargah of Hamza Pir
It is located at a distance of 10 km from Narnaul at village Dharsun. The full name of Hamza Pir was Hazrat Shah Kalamuddin Hamza Pir Hussain. Ladies were not allowed to visit this shrine.

Dargah of Pir Mubrak Shah
It is located at Kaliyana village in Bhiwani district. A fair is organised every Thursday at this dargah. On the occasion of Bakr Eid, an Urs is organised on the twenty-sixth day of the month.

Mazaar of Seikh Junaid
It is located at Hissar towards South of the Nagaur Gate.

Mazaar of Sant Mir Shah
He was also known as Baba Shah Khan. His Mazaar is located at Patehabad. A rock edict of Humayun can also be seen in the precincts this mazaar.

Tomb of Sheikh Chehli
Sufi Saint Sheikh Chehli (also called Sheikh Chilli) had come to visit Hazrat Qutab Jalaluddin at Thanesar. He had come from Iran during the reign of emperor Shah Jahan.
Unfortunately, Sheikh Chehli died at Thanesar. He was buried at Thanesar and a beautiful marble tomb was built at the place of his burial. Its total area is 4 hectares. Its construction is so beautiful that it is also called the Taj Mahal of Haryana. The ASI has declared it as a monument of natural importance.

Dargah Chaar Qutab
It is located at Hansi. It has the mazaars of four Sufi Saints-Qutab Sheik Jamaluddin Ahmed, Qutab Maulana, Basohuddin, Sufi, Qutab- ud-din Manavvar and Qutab Nur-ud-din. An Urs is organised every year at this shrine and chadars are brought from Ajmer Sharif and put over the four mazaars.

Pucka Pul Mazaar
The Pucka Pul's Mazaars belong to five saints. It is located at Madhuban near Karnal. The five mazaars belong to Hazrat Ali Ilahi Baksh, Bahadur Khan Durrani, Mohammad Ali, Sabar Singh Bori and Kesar Mai Bori.

Sheeshe Wali Masjid
It is a large mosque, which is located at Rohtak. Its entrance gate is made of marble. The outer facade of the mosque has beautiful ceramic - -tiles. The walls of the major shrine have a length of six feet each. The domes and inner roofs have beautiful paintings on them. Glass pieces have been fixed on the walls of the mosque. But these glass pieces are being destroyed by the vagaries of time and also, due to negligence of authorities.
Three large domes and minarets are in a very poor condition. The lower parts of the two minarets at the front of the mosque have been made from marble. In one part of the mosque, there is a long verandah having 14 pillars. In another part of the mosques two religious priests (maulvis) live along with their families. This mosque has been built on a platform whose height is 8 ft.

Deeni Masjid
It is located at Rohtak. The ancient Mahavira temple is located within its precincts. The legend says that there was a temple at the site of the mosque. During the reign of Aurangzeb, the temple was converted into a mosque. After 1947, the mosque was converted into a temple.
The old statues and figurines of the Hindu gods and goddesses were also found here; these have been displayed in the mosque. The lower part of this building has a beautiful architectural design. Many destroyed or broken statues were also found at this site. Probably, they were destroyed under the orders of emperor Aurangzeb.

Lai Masjid
It is a famous and beautiful mosque of Rohtak. It is located close to Bhiwani bus stand. A businessman, Haji Ashiq Ali, had got it constructed in 1939. The entrance gate of this mosque has been made from carved red stone. The stones installed on the entrance gate have been carved and cut with an artistic precision. These depict the architectural grandeur of the yore.
There are three storeys in this mosque. There are also two verandahs in its main building. Ceramic tiles bearing pleasant designs have been fixed on the pillars of the mosque. At some places inside the mosque, glass pieces have also been fixed. Both minarets of the mosque have 50-step stairs each. Besides, 19 windows have also been made in each one of the minarets.
Three domes of the mosque are in ruins now. However, rest of the mosque is in a good condition. The entire mosque has been constructed on a 10-foot high platform. The Muslims pray here every Friday and take part in the Jummah namaaz with religious fervour.

Mosque of Village Sarai Alawardi
It is located at village Sarai Alawardi in Gurgaon district. It is a very old mosque. It dates back to the reign of Allauddin Khilji (also Khalji). The religious priests (maulavis) of this mosque claim that it has ancient historical linkages.

Qazi Ki Masjid
It is located at village Dujana at a distance of 22 km from Rohtak (on the Jhajjar road). A priest named Qazi Ji had got it constructed nearly 200 years ago. There is also an underground chamber (tahkhana) in this mosque. Qazi Ji was quite popular among the local masses. When one goes towards the underground chamber, one finds the mazaar of Qazi Ji on his right hand side.
People put cloth sheets on this mazaar and pray that their desires be fulfilled. The minarets of this mosque have an approximate height of 50 ft. Circular step stairs have been made in these minarets, just like the stairs of the Qutab Minar (Mehrauli). The entire mosque has been made from white stone. However, it is being neglected by authorities.

Red Mosque of Rewari
This famous historical mosque is located at Rewari (near the old Courts). It was constructed during the reign of Akbar in Circa 1570 AD. Two tombs are also located near this mosque.

Durgah Pir Jamal
It is located at Gohana in Panipat district. The Hindus as well as the Muslims visit this dargah with equal devotion. There is a berry garden in the immediate vicinity of the dargah. The Hindus and Muslims come to this place every Thursday to get their wishes fulfilled.

Mazaar Baba Meeran Nau Bahar
The shrine (mazaar) of Guhla Cheeka Baba Meeran Nau Bahar is nearly 960 year old. A fair is organised here every years. This saint had buried himself live. Devouts must also pay respects to Pir Chetan Shah at his mazaar (which is nearby) before visiting the mazaar of Baba Meeran Nau. The mazaar of Baba Meeran Nau Bahar is located at Kaithal and that of Pir Chetan Shah is located near the bus stand of Kaithal.


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